About us


We have been caring for our customers for 27 years and are committed to solving all their problems. Are we good at it? Yes.

The company was established in 1995. In the beginning there was a bit of everything – we were small, timid but curious. Little by little, we gathered knowledge, information, traveled the world, and talked with world-class manufacturers. We grew and improved, and delved deeper into our field. This has helped us grow into a reliable company in our field. Most of our customers work in the wood, metal, plastics, stone processing, car repair, food industry, construction sectors, but there are also unique customers such as amber jewelry manufacturers. The experience gained, the dedication of the team constantly helps to earn the trust of customers. The chosen direction – "surface processing", allows us to constantly develop and confidently call ourselves specialists. Now customers know us as:

partners, helpers, consultants of our customer, not just as suppliers;
world-class representatives of sanding and cutting materials;
responsible manufacturers of sanding materials, band saws.

Our partners

We greatly appreciate the contribution of our partners to our success. We choose partners very responsibly so that they not only provide us with quality products, but also do not damage our reputation.  We are proud that the world-class companies we work with are our long-term partners, who also see us as a reliable partner.

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