Cutting and grinding discs

  • 115×1 inox
  • perfect230x2
  • multi230x1.9
  • grantex 125×0.80
  • 125×1.6 BQ
  • 125×1.2

Bakelite products include cutting, grinding and sharpening discs. These are reinforced discs with bakelite binding material. They are used in machine tools, overhead tools, angle sanding. The purpose of cutting and grinding discs – black metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, concrete, stone processing.
Diameter of cutting discs ranges from 75 mm to 400 mm (the most popular 125 mm and 230 mm).
For metal sanding, the most popular discs are 6 - 7 mm thick that are placed on angle sanding. They range in diameter from 115 mm to 230 mm and use 150x20x32 mm and 125x20x32 mm discs for very rough sanding.
Saw blades are sharpened with discs of diameter and thickness selected according to the saw tooth pitch and the machine model.
For grinding concrete, stone and black metal, cup-shaped discs of 110 mm, 125 mm diameter with or without thread are used.
The rail industry uses products of special shapes (discs, cylinders, pots ...) with different fasteners for special tools and equipment.

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