Flap discs

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The flap discs consist of a large number of grain-covered leaves, wheeled and glued to the body. Available in glass, plastic or metal bodies. The most popular sheet discs – alumina, zirconium, ceramic grain. Available diameters 115 mm, 125 mm, 180 mm. They are designed for grinding black metal, stainless steel.

A distinctive product is the special shape (wavy shape) of the Lukas-Erzet V3 Control discs, which can be used to view the workpiece without having to open the disc. Other special flap discs include the Lukas-Erzet V2 Power which have an exceptionally shaped abrasive blade with a different sticking principle that allows them to be used up to its full capacity. Another unusual product is Lukas-Erzet SLTT-Flex, a disk for machining welds in corners. It features a worn body and heavily protruding sanding sheets. No less exceptional are the Lukas-Erzet V4 Master flap discs, which have a particularly large number of sheets. They have a much longer service life, and when sanding with these discs, it is possible to form a radius on the edge.

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