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Sanding sponges are very flexible abrasive materials for manual sanding – the best alternative to sandpaper. This foam is glued to the sanding raw material (paper, material or used method of direct coating of foam rubber).

By shape, several types of sponges are possible:

four-sided – soft and hard, alumina and ceramic grain;
double-sided – alumina, silicon carbide and ceramic grain, exclusive white sponges that are especially suited for white surfaces;
single-sided – can be in units or rolls, directly applied to the foam or sandpaper or material glued to the foam, alumina or ceramic grain;
figurative – rhombic or with a single pointed, other rounded angle.

Grain size from P36 (rough) to P220 (fine), except roll, which range from P80 to P600.

Sponges are used for working wood, its products and composites, metal, plastic, artificial stone and other surfaces. With a choice of different abrasive grains and grain size, the sponges are used for both rough surface scrubbing and gentle sanding or deburring.

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