We produce a very wide range of standard flexible abrasive tools and, at the customer's request, can produce abrasive products according to the given dimensions, grain size and other requirements. Most often, production takes up to 3 business days, so when the order is placed at the beginning of the week, the customer receives the goods the same week. In addition to the wide range of widths and lengths of bands, the various forms of adhering abrasives, one of our industries is the production of band saws with full after-sales service. Part of the assortment is stored in warehouses for our regular customers. Qualified employees, constantly updated equipment allow us to fulfill the orders of all customers in a timely and qualitative manner.

Delivery of goods

We deliver the goods to all our customers! Not only our freight forwarders, but also managers constantly travel around Lithuania. Every customer is important to us, so we arrange the routes so that everyone is visited in the shortest possible time, whether they buy one box or a full palette loaded with the goods they need. As logistics develops and improves daily, with the ability to use various carriers from across the country, we no longer have the right to tell our customers "wait, we will do it later". All our customers, whether it be a trader whose store is full of shoppers or a manufacturer whose order deadlines cannot be moved, they all know that we will deliver the goods in most efficient manner possible.

Technological consultation

Most of our customers are true professionals and know what materials are most suitable for working on which surfaces. However, they also sometimes have questions. Or maybe there are even better materials for this surface? Or maybe there are some news? In such cases, our team can help. They not only help the customer to get out of a difficult situation when something is delayed or the necessary result is not achieved, but can also advise on how to improve processes before problems themselves arise. Our team is constantly training with manufacturers from all over the world, following the news presented by the best of the market.


Warranty and after-sales service of tools

We take the tools sold by our managers from our customers and return them repaired as soon as possible. Customers do not have to look for where to take the tool, worry on when such tools are going to be repaired and coordinate who will bring them back. We take care of all of it for our customers! Whether the warranty period is still in effect or the customer has been using the tool for a long time – the item needs to be given proper attention and proper maintenance in order for it to last long. For a good master, his tools are his most precious asset. We help our customers to ensure longer and better service of tools.


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