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Air Purification system – Niveus

Italy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 virus this year. The pandemic affected a lot of people. After a tragedy, recovered from the shock, Italians invested in preventive measures heavily to avoid a similar situation in the future. One of the results, of the Italian manufacturer Rupes efforts, is Niveus - a professional air…

Features of the use of sanding belts

The choice of sanding belts is very wide. Depending on the need, different widths, grain, composition and elasticity of belts can be selected. To achieve the optimal result and extend the life of the belt, several aspects need to be taken into account, such as the correct selection of belt, proper use, recommendations for storing…

We reveal the secrets of manufacturing

One of Glomera's strategic directions is the production of various abrasive products The first installation in Glomera started in 2006. Since then we have grown tremendously and gained a lot of experience. Today we can manufacture almost everything from flexible abrasives. Constantly updated equipment and qualified staff allow us not only to fulfill all customer…


At Glomera, we not only professionally take care of our customers and their ever-changing needs, but also pay great attention to ensuring the quality of our products. Not only do we carefully select our products by relying on world-class manufacturers of excellent reputation, but we also certify the quality of our products with various documents…
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