Air Purification system – Niveus

Italy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 virus this year. The pandemic affected a lot of people. After a tragedy, recovered from the shock, Italians invested in preventive measures heavily to avoid a similar situation in the future. One of the results, of the Italian manufacturer Rupes efforts, is Niveus - a professional air purification system.

RUPES Niveus Air Purifier helps to filtrate air inside working places with a continuous recycling and purification of the in door air. This system ensures safe and healthy working conditions.
RUPES Niveus Air Purifier with powerful brushless motor and high filtration efficiency is the ideal air purifying system to be installed in several working environments. Niveus Air Purifier can cover several working environments up to 120 m² or 300 m³. This purifying system increases indoor air quality, reducing and capturing micro dust, allergens, bacteria and virus with the purpose of improving workers’ health. Contaminated air passes through ULPA filter grade U15 which is made of a multi layer fine mesh that blocks harmful particles. An UV-C sterilizer chamber eliminates ultra micro organisms and an activated carbon filter purifies the air before it is released into the work environment. The ULPA U15 filter is 10 times more efficient than conventional HEPA filters.

More detailed information is provided in the presentation

You can order the system by calling your manager

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