Band saw blades

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Band saw blades are used in the metal, wood industry, as well as in the food industry for cutting meat, fish (fresh or frozen). In the textile industry, they are used to cut foam rubber.

The most popular in the metal industry are bimetallic saws, but the future is carbon saws, which differ from the conventional ones in their structure and production specifics.
Customers choose band saws as needed. They vary in dimensions, tooth shape, angle (0, 5, 7, 10, 15 degrees), pitch, indentation, steel structure.
It is important not only to choose the right quality saw based on the metal being cut, but also to work properly with it – to determine tension, rotation speed, and feed. Band saws are used on various machines, for example, gravitational or two-cylinder.

Band saw blades used in the wood industry differ in the composition, hardness of steel. According to this, the saw is selected for proper operation (dry wood, wet wood, barked or not). Also the right choice depends on tooth extraction, pitch, hard or not hardened teeth, saw thickness. Properly adjusted saw tension is crucial for optimum performance when selecting the right saw. For further work and durability, the selected saw must be properly maintained, if necessary, the teeth must be reattached.

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