Why choose us?


Imported products + manufactured products,
over 25,000 different products in total

Specialization in surface treatment enables us to provide our customers with a very wide range of products from well-known manufacturers around the world and to fulfil special customer orders through our production facilities and qualified team.


Specialization + long-term experience + competencies

The specialization, long-term experience and competencies of the managers allow us to listen to our customers and offer exactly the products that are best suited for the work at hand. The competence of the production team allows us to fulfil the most accurate customer orders, where adding forwarder speed results in comprehensive customer care and taking over and solving their problems and tasks.


Production of standard products + specific products
over 18,000 different products

We produce a very wide range of standard products and, at the customer's request, can produce flexible abrasive tools according to the desired dimensions, grain size and other requirements. Usually, production takes up to 3 business days, so when the order is placed at the beginning of the week, the customer receives their goods on that same week.

About us

We have been caring for our customers for 24 years and are committed to solving all their problems. Are we good at it? Yes.

The experience gained and the team's dedication help to earn the trust of our customers. The chosen direction – "surface treatment" – allows us to constantly improve and call ourselves professionals.


Most popular products

  • Steel brushes

    Steel brushes are mainly used in the metal industry, surface cleaning – preparation for further...

  • Sponges

    Sanding sponges are very flexible abrasive materials for manual sanding – the best alternative to...

  • Sheets

    Sanding sheets are an abrasive material cut into sheets of a certain size for manual...

  • Rollers

    The abrasive roller is made of abrasive sheets, sheets and non-woven fabric, made exclusively of...

  • Pulleys and rollers

    Sanding roller is composed of abrasive sheets, sheets and non-woven fabric, exclusively made of non-woven...


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