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Sanding sheets are an abrasive material cut into sheets of a certain size for manual work. Sanding sheets can be paper or material based as well as grid. Paper-based waterproof sheets are most often used in the automotive industry.

Possible abrasive grain: alumina, silicon carbide, zirconium, ceramics.

Grain size from P40 (rough) to P3000 (very fine) – material from P40 to P400, paper from P60 to P3000.

Sanding sheets are the simplest form of abrasive material used in a wide variety of applications. For example, on ultra-fine-grained (from P400) sheets, artists create works of extraordinary beauty in pastels. Most often sanding sheets are used for sanding wood, its products and its composites, metal, plastic, artificial stone and other surfaces.

The sanding grid is placed on special trowels and the wall putty is sanded. Possible grain size from P40 to P400. The grid can be white – purified alumina grain (sanding putty, invisible, no visible grain), black – silicon carbide grain, sharper, for more aggressive sanding.

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