Brushes for profiles

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Brushes for profiles – a compound of supporting brushes and abrasive raw materials is fixed to the sanding drum. The raw material and holding brushes are glued to each other and pasted into the profile, which is fixed to the sanding drum. Brushes are designed for profiled and curvilinear surfaces. Depending on the profile, there may be different widths and heights, and the abrasive cloth may be differently cut. The base of the sanding brushes is made of metal or plastic. The brush mounting base is adjusted to the shape of the drum groove. In the assortment there are brushes of different composition – only bristles, bristles with sanding material. To maintain rigidity, the bristles are arranged in several rows in one segment. Brush drums are replaceable segments or monolithic, which are characterized by a longer service life and special centering. Available grain sizes: P40 - P600.

Brushes are designed for sanding wood, its products and its composites, metal, plastic and other surfaces. They are most often used for intermediate sanding. Alumina brushes are recommended for sanding solid wood and its components, while silicon carbide brushes are more suitable for intermediate sanding (primers, varnishes).

The brushes are mounted on drums, which are used both for stationary production – where the part is brought to the drum, or vice versa – the drum is brought to the part. Also brushes can be stacked on a drum machine.

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