Portfolio Category: Grinding

Diamond grinding tools

Diamond grinding tools can be of different shapes – discs, plates. The main dimensions are 125, 180 mm in diameter. Plates can be single-row segments, two-row and combined. These grinding tools are usually used with an angle grinder. Diamond grinding tools can be used to sand the roughness of the concrete surface of the floor…


Sanding sponges are very flexible abrasive materials for manual sanding – the best alternative to sandpaper. This foam is glued to the sanding raw material (paper, material or used method of direct coating of foam rubber). By shape, several types of sponges are possible: four-sided – soft and hard, alumina and ceramic grain; double-sided –…


The abrasive roller is made of abrasive sheets, sheets and non-woven fabric, made exclusively of non-woven material, polyurethane, and is used in various abrasive operations. Such rollers are used in sanding machines. Perfect for sanding the edges of a wide profile. Some rollers can also produce the required profile. The rollers can be used for…


Sanding belts are belts of infinite length, made of abrasive material. Belts are designed for mechanical sanding on machine tools. They consist of three layers. The first layer is the base: paper, material, compound, plastic (film). The second layer – binding material: resins, glue. The third layer – abrasive: alumina, silicon carbide, zirconium, ceramics. Paper-based…
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