Festool is one of the oldest and most famous manufacturers of power tools for professionals. The brand dates back to 1925, when German engineer and entrepreneur Gottlieb Stoll founded a company specializing in woodworking tools. At the time, Stoll's business was based on a revolutionary, customer-oriented approach that, together with Stoll's talent and engineering capabilities, earned the company a leading position in the market of woodworking tools.

The company's account is full of inventions, without which it is difficult to imagine the processes of the modern woodworking and furniture industry. In 1929, Festool launched the first chainsaw for mobile work and became a prototype of a modern gasoline handsaw. In 1951, the world's first eccentric sander was created, and in 1964, the company created a circular reciprocating saw with a special guide rail, which eventually became a Festool signature tool.

Festool, http://www.festool.lt
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