We reveal the secrets of manufacturing

One of Glomera's strategic directions is the production of various abrasive products

The first installation in Glomera started in 2006. Since then we have grown tremendously and gained a lot of experience. Today we can manufacture almost everything from flexible abrasives. Constantly updated equipment and qualified staff allow us not only to fulfill all customer orders on time, but also to maintain high quality of our products.

Upon customer's request we can produce abrasive products according to the desired dimensions, grain size and other requirements. Production usually takes up to 3 business days, so when the order is placed at the beginning of the week, the customer receives their goods the same week. We produce strips of various widths and lengths, use different bonding methods, cut various types of adhesive abrasives – round, triangular, rectangular and other, with or without a number of holes. The variety of assortments no longer allows us to name our capabilities to the customer, which would take too long – first we ask what it needs and then we already decide how to complete the customer's task as quickly as possible.

We are constantly updating our equipment and gaining expertise to accept and successfully meet the various customer tasks and challenges on a daily basis.

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